Another local on Top Chef: New York

The premiere episode has run, the first two chefs have been booted, and while I know everyone in town was excited about having two locals in the game (Hosea Rosenberg, exec chef at Jax in Boulder and Melissa Harrison, sous at another Dave Query joint, Centro Latin Kitchen), how ‘bout us having three.

I got a call from Troy Guard this morning, hipping me to the fact that Alex Eusebio, currently exec chef at Restaurant 15 in L.A., also had some Colorado time behind him, having stood as exec at Cuba Cuba some years back and as a chef de cuisine or sous at Aix Restaurant in the (very) early days. Some of his online bios actually list him as having been c-de-c at a place called “Project AIX” which, according to the Aix manager I got on the phone ten minutes ago, was actually a working name for the place before it ever got open to the public.

So that’s a trifecta of Colorado talent we’ve got now. And while I have my opinions already on who’s going to take home the big prize (I’ve only been wrong once after the premiere episode), here’s to hoping that our guys and girls don’t embarrass us out there in the Big Apple.

-- Jason Sheehan


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