Another spot of genius from PETA

Q: What's the highest rated television show in the history of everything?

A: American Idol.

Q: And who is the most high-profile judge on American Idol?

A: Simon Cowell.

That's right.  And if there's one organization in the world that knows how to exploit celebrity (even if it happens to be "celebrity" of the singing game show variety), it would be PETA--more specifically, it would be the marketing geniuses who slave away in PETA's evil Fortress of Solitude coming up with campaigns like Fur is Murder and Naked Spanish Chicks in Cages (which were both discussed at length--and with pictures!--right here last week).

Thus, it should come as a surprise to precisely no one that PETA threw their rapid-response publicity team into gear following the death of a dog that was locked in a car for hours during the recent Denver auditions for American Idol and got a PSA featuring Simon Cowell rushed to air--most notably on the local FOX station which shows Idol.  The kicker?  It's a PSA for not leaving your dog locked in the car on hot days.

Like they say, in showbusiness, timing is everything.

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