Apres Dessert Bar should help satisfy Denver's cravings

The Highland area is about to get its own sweet spot: Apres Dessert Bar, an adjunct of Generous Servings, the café/cooking school located at 3801 West 32nd Avenue, is on target to open at 2 p.m. today.

The (very) grand opening is slated for Saturday, February 20, when Apres Dessert Bar will offer three seatings for people eager to test out the Dutch doughnuts with caramel sauce, the vanilla creme caramel, the flourless chocolate torte with kumquats.

Until now, Generous Servings had concentrated on offering evening cooking classes for laypeople, as well as operating the attached. "But then we had a tenant in the building who moved out," explains Travis Leatherman, "we had an empty space, and we were trying to decide what would best serve the neighborhood."

They decided to serve up Apres Dessert Bar, a more elegant space than the cafe, with hours that are slated to run from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday (with extended hours until midnight on Friday and Saturday).

Does Leatherman, a baker, have any favorites among the desserts? "I happen to think all of them are quite good," he says. But then, they're all made on-site, just like everything else served at the cafe -- including salad dresses and even the butter.

Find more information on Generous Servings and its new dessert bar here; make a reservation for one of the grand opening seatings by calling 303-455-9730.

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