Arby's offers a 64-cent Classic Roast Beef sandwich today

In honor of the chain's founding in 1964, Arby's is offering its Classic Roast Beef sandwich for just 64 cents today. To celebrate its 48th anniversary, Arby's is dropping the price on its basic roast beef sandwich -- but not the quality, since that's already gone about as low as it can go.

To get the deal, diners need only visit Arby's timeline on Facebook, go to 1964 to find the coupon, print the coupon and then take it to the nearest Arby's for the 64-cent sandwich, which should take only about 64 seconds to eat -- and then, 64 minutes later, you can start regretting the snack when that plastic-y, pinkish, ersatz-meat hits your pipes.

In addition to the coupon on Arby's Facebook timeline, fans will also find classic photos, commercials and trivia associated with Arby's circa 1964. What they won't find, however, is a statement from Arby's execs apologizing for their terrible food, and promising to use actual meat from this day forward.

And that's a pity, because as it stands I don't think a 64-cent sandwich is a bargain. In fact, you'd have to pay me to eat one. But if you decide to take advantage of today's deal, I won't stand in your way...

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