Are you an Avodisiac?

Avocadoes could get a real workout this month. Not only are they in high demand for that Super Bowl guacamole, but come Valentine's Day, they could serve you better than flowers or chocolate.

Avocados have long been believed to have mystical, aphrodisiacal qualities. Ancient tribes in Mexico worshiped the creamy, rich, melt-in-your-mouth fruit. The avocado's Spanish name is aguacote, which was derived from the Nahuatl word for testicle. So it's no wonder that I see women cozying up to the avocado bin at Sprouts, holding the fruit in their hands just so, gently rubbing the skin up and down, feeling the texture, checking for firmness.

There's even a term for a person who loves avocadoes: the Avodisiac.

And an orgy of them shared their love in a recent video contest sponsored by the Mexican avocado industry. The entrees -- which you can see here-- were all wacky, of course, and some a bit wild.

But then, even Captain Kirk might have a hard time handling this green-skinned beauty.

Consider it fruit of the loins.

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