Ari Armstrong's food-stamp diet is catching on

Tell Dr. Atkins to shove off and stick that paleo diet back in its cave: Local political writer Ari Armstrong's low-carb, personal-liberty food-stamp diet is the hottest thing since sliced bread (sliced bread bought with food stamps, that is).

Turns out our recent account of dining with Armstrong during his week-long food-stamp diet -- he wanted to prove that it's easy to eat healthy on the current food-stamp budget -- has inspired others to "stamp out" fatty foods the Armstrong way. Ginger Schlote, for example, sent us (and Armstrong) a letter noting how she was motivated to break down her recent food expenditures to see if her daily meals fell within the $5.68-per person food-stamp allowance. She discovered she averaged $4.66 per person per day - six cents cheaper than Armstrong. You go, girl!

She even included her favorite bread recipe for those embarking on the food-stamp diet. Check it out below:

As Rachael Ray would say, "Yummo!" Best of all, Schlote figures each 22-ounce loaf costs a recession-proof 50 cents. With thrifty and healthy suggestions like this, soon everybody will be lightening their load a la Tom Joad.

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