Ask the bartender: Meet Quenton Attwool, Colorado Cocktail contestant

Sean Kenyon knows how to pour out both drinks and advice. A third-generation bar man with almost 25 years behind the bar, he is a student of cocktail history, a United States Bartenders Guild-certified Spirits Professional and a BAR Ready graduate of the prestigious Beverage Alcohol Resource Program. You can find him here most weeks, where he'll answer your questions. But right now, he wants to introduce you to our twelfth Colorado Cocktail Contest contestant.

The Colorado Cocktail Project, with its mission to create the official Colorado Cocktail, has begun. Over the next few weeks, we will profile each of the bartenders and all of the Colorado distillers involved in the process -- and not only can you read about them here, but you can sample the contestants for yourself at any of the participating bars and restaurants, then vote for your favorites. The ten finalists will pour out their hearts -- and drinks -- in a head-to-head competition on June 27 at the culmination of the Colorado Cocktail Project at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

But first, meet Quenton Attwool of Restaurant Kevin Taylor:

Quenton Attwool Restaurant Kevin Taylor

Your drink's name: Rocky Mountini

Tell us how your cocktail captures Colorado: Incorporating Colorado's own Jackalope Gin and Vodka 14, the Rocky Mountini captures the essence of Colorado not only through its ingredients, but through its invigorating minty flavor, reminiscent of the crisp freshness of the Rocky Mountain air.

Your drink's ingredients:

Equal parts of Jackalope Gin and Vodka 14 Dash of white Creme de Menthe Dash of Blue Curacao Fresh Mint Fine mint chocolate crumbles, such as Andes baking chips. Melted chocolate

Your drink's preparation:

With a muddling tool, muddle some fresh mint with a little ice in a mixing glass. Fill the glass with ice and add the liquid ingredients and shake vigorously. Take a cold martini glass and with the melted chocolate make some mountain designs on the inside of the glass. Pour the liquor in to the glass (ideally you should have some flecks of mint floating around). Take a few pinches of mint chocolate crumbles and float them on top of the drink (most will sink to the bottom).Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Serve and enjoy!

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Sean Kenyon
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