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Ask the Critic: A greener green chile

On the blog this week, there's been a lot of talk about green chile 'round these parts. We have eaten chile and argued about green chile, compared green chile and made a list of our favorite green chiles across the city.

One thing we didn't get into very much? Vegetarian green chile. There are two reasons for this: first, because vegetarian green chile in pork-heavy Colorado would essentially be a bowl full of raw green chiles. And second, because I rarely concern myself with the cares of the vegetarian community while writing anything simply because I see nearly all vegetarians as nothing more than deluded gastronauts who've lost their way. Once they find their way back to the true path of the dedicated omnivore, they're going to need a resource to tell them where to find the best bacon, steaks and barbecue, and I'd like to be that resource.

But still, the vegetarian green chile question came up more than once during our verde debates, so I've decided to throw the question out there in a more formal manner. Where can a vegetarian go in Denver for some animal-friendly green chile?

Add your voice to the debate by clicking on the comment button below. And in the meantime, I'll be over at El Taco de Mexico loading up on my new favorite green chile in town. I take mine extra-porky. And I suggest that you ask for yours the same way.

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Jason Sheehan
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