Ask the Reader: Where are downtown's dives?

We've long lamented the lack of dives in downtown -- and now comes this request from KLJ in California, which was posted at the end of an old item about Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I'm heading to Denver next week for business. I'll be staying downtown on California Street. Anything interesting in that area that I could walk to? I love Guy's show, and was really surprised when I checked online and couldn't find anything in Colorado. Anyway, all suggestions would be appreciated. I really like the unusual.

Jason Sheehan offered up some Colorado suggestions the last time Guy Fieri was headed to the area; now we'd like to focus specifically on downtown. Where should KLJ go? For a diner, how about Sam's No. 3 at 1500 Curtis Street? For a dive, there's Carioca Cafe (also known as Bar Bar, and with no cafe actually involved) at 2060 Champa Street. And for a drive-in -- does Biker Jim's cart count? Post your suggestions below.

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