Ask the readers: Why is it hard to find hard cider in this town?

The last time we shared a reader's query on this blog, our correspondent was looking for the smallest bar and restaurant in town -- and readers were generous with their suggestions. We'll let you know the result of that quest -- the basis for an anniversary celebration -- soon. In the meantime, we have another pressing query from a reader, this one involving hard cider.

"In this town," he writes, "hard cider is under prohibition. Seriously.

"A few days back, I slipped into a brewpub that shall remain nameless. They're a respectable joint, with a great fresh selection of beers you can drink there or take home. Hope against hope, I asked if they had any cider on tap -- and they 'did.' Unfortunately, I was late for an appointment, so I could only taste a sample. It was smooth, fine and tasty," he reports. "I checked back last week, and the small batch was gone, and there was no telling when they'd brew another. The reason? As far as I could find out from a friend, the cider had so high a level of alcohol content that it couldn't be sold regularly."

"As for the other place I look for cider, Wynkoop, well, they put *malt* in theirs. MALT. If I wanted to drink apple beer, I'd ask for that," he continues.

"Why is it so hard to find decent local cider? Why the frak do I have to settle for imported Strongbow, or imported Ace, or any cider that's not brewed on-site? The Western Slope has some of the best apples anywhere, and even if the best cider apples aren't sweet, I bet you'd find full harvests of those somewhere in Colorado. Does Denver law prohibit the brewing and sale of real, unadulterated hard cider, or are brewmasters snobs for the hops and malt? I'm tired of this damn beer week happening one more time without any thought for cider drinkers. 'Nuff said."

We don't think so. Any hard cider fans out there? Spill your opinions below.

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