At Nectar House, raw and vegan are opportunities, not limitations

The long-anticipated Nectar House Cafe and Elixir Bar is finally open on South Broadway. The eatery took over the lobby space at Kindness Yoga, and yogis and yoginis leaving class can even get discounts on their sustenance! As the city's first true purveyor of raw vegan food, Nectar House is showcasing exactly what can be done with raw, plant-based ingredients -- and if you sit down for a meal, you'll quickly see that those guidelines aren't the least bit limiting.

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On a recent weekend evening, the dining room filled up quickly with small groups holding business meetings, friends dropping in to catch up over a smoothie and families sitting down for a healthy meal before heading into the night. The staff kept everything running smoothly, though, and there are many worse places to wait for a meal than this beautifully appointed dining area, with lots of natural wood and fabrics.

You'd expect a place like Nectar Bar to have an impeccable salad, and the Superfood Salad above is proof that nobody can put together a salad like a raw vegan kitchen. With mixed greens, avocado, apples, currants, sunflower seeds and red cabbage topped with a red-pepper dressing, the fresh ingredients and colorful presentation made for a lovely and tasty salad.

A side of salad comes with the "Rawben" sandwich. This vegan version tops homemade raw onion bread with avocado, tomato, sauerkraut, sprouts and homemade 1000-Island-style dressing. It's not exactly a classic Reuben, but it's still filling and delicious -- and proof that "raw" doesn't mean "boring" by any stretch of the imagination. One of the real draws here is the drink menu, which features dozens of smoothies and juices and elixirs infused with gemstone essences and spells that are bound to cure whatever is ailing you. The Owl Eyes potion above, for example, contains ginger root, yerba mate, ginseng and lots of other secret ingredients to wake you up. And Nectar House really shines when it comes to dessert: The turtle bar contains enough chocolate, coconut oil and nuts to convince even the biggest raw vegan naysayer that you can have your delicious sweets and eat them, too!

Nectar House is located at 1947 South Broadway; visit nectarhousecafe.com for more information.

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