Atomic Tamale closes, taking with it Sunday's free vegan menudo

Atomic Tamale gave it a good try, but the vegetarian/vegan Mexican-food spot that moved from Santa Fe Drive to Lakewood earlier this year finally ran out of energy -- and cash.

Which means no more free vegan menudo on Sunday morning. See also: - Photos: Atomic Tamale opens in Lakewood - The ten best (vegetarian) meals I ate all year

That was only one of the things Atomic Tamale was known for. In addition to vegan/vegetarian fare, the eatery also had a little shopping area where you could buy Las Muertas clothing and accessories, hand-made with skull-decorated twists.

And its Lakewood location also served as an outpost for Nom Pod, a vegan pastry and candy company. In the wake of Atomic Tamale's closing, Nom Pod reports that it's "temporarily without a storefront, but we ARE available for special orders."

Here's the Facebook message that Atomic Tamale posted this past weekend: Atomic Tamale is going out of business.. This is our last weekend open, sorry for the short notice..Our lease is up. We signed a 6 month lease and we're not going to renew it. Thank you to all the loyal customers that came in every week, three times a week in some cases..Thanx to all who supported us... No, we're not going to reopen anywhere else unless someone has 50 grand laying around that they want to invest.

That someone could spend the money in worse ways...

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