Attention: We have a winner for our Comida Cantina contest

Comida Cantina, the brick-and-mortar counterpart to the Comida truck owned by Rayme Rossello, opens this weekend in Longmont, offering an expanded menu of street food goods plus a bar full of cocktails and licuados.

Earlier this week, we offered a chance for a reader to win a pair of seats at the friends and family opening, thereby tasting what Rossello has cooked up before the place opens to the general public.

Since it's Valentine's week, we wanted a love letter to Tina, the Comida truck, that spilled the secrets of your love for her. And today, we have a poetic winner.

Georgia wrote:

The flash of midday sun off your wind screened smiling eyes

I crane around the corner at your taco truck thighs.

Your scent wafts down the block as I approach your delights...

But you're driving away; my timing's not right.

You are the first thing I think of when my stomach starts to growl.

You've never let me down when my hunger's on the prowl.

In Prospect you'll stop running and that's the time I'll start

To finally catch up with you and give you my heart

And for that, Georgia will head to the restaurant tonight.

Didn't win? Comida Cantina opens to the public tomorrow.

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