Autumn Apple Cooler at Jonesy's

My family wasn't the Irish pub kind. Some of my earliest, fondest memories involve going with my dad to Trader Vic's in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Or the Brown Palace. Or Eddie Bohn's Pig 'N Whistle on West Colfax, where we'd sit in one of those red booths with his pals from the boxing world. But I never really felt comfortable in Irish pubs until I lived in New York and sat in hundreds of them with Irish and non-Irish buddies alike — and still, they were never my first choice when choosing a place to drink. So when I went to Jonesy's EatBar, a self-proclaimed gastropub, I was pleasantly surprised to find none of the pretense that surrounds that overwrought term. At Jonesy's, I felt like Goldilocks: It wasn't really an Irish pub (too hard) or a fancy bar (too soft), but it was just right — a great bar with great food. And great drinks, because owner Leigh Jones is a big believer in seasonal cuisine and cocktails. My favorite on the fall list is the Autumn Apple Cooler ($8), made with Stoli Gala Applik Vodka, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur and Leopold Bros. New York Apple Flavored Whiskey. Sitting at the bar, sipping my cocktail and looking outside at the leaves falling, I couldn't care less what label Jones has hung on her bar. Goldilocks has found her new home.

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