Troy Guard, exec chef of TAG, would like you to pair beer with your food.
Troy Guard, exec chef of TAG, would like you to pair beer with your food.

Avery Beer Dinner at TAG pours out the pairings tonight

TAG, 1441 Larimer Street, is hosting a five-course dinner featuring Strasburg Game Birds this evening at 7 p.m. Each course will be paired with not one, but two beers from Avery Brewing.

"We're daring," jokes TAG's marketing director Susi Kim. "But seriously, Avery has such a great portfolio, and we wanted to challenge ourselves."

"Pairings can be complementary or contrasting," explains Kim. "We wanted to experiment with two different beers for each course and see how they work with the food and each other. And don't worry -- we're only doing two- to four-ounce pours. We don't want anyone to get too drunk."

The dinner is part of a year-round, monthly series that focuses on a local farm and brewery. "We love doing them, and it's a great way to show our local breweries that we're fully capable and experienced in pairing beers with our food," she continues. "We're beer geeks; we even got business cards for a server that say 'Beer Geek.' And we like to keep the event small and intimate so that people can get to know the representatives from both the farm and the brewery."

There are a few seats left for tonight's dinner, which costs $58 per person, but TAG stops taking reservations at noon -- so check out the menu and then call 303-996-9985.

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