Avery Brewing will release its latest barrel-aged sour, Volunt Plus Erat, on Saturday

Avery Brewing will release its latest small-batch sour ale this Saturday only in its taproom. The beer is No. 14 in the Boulder brewery's acclaimed Barrel-Aged Series. It has been eight months since No. 13, Odio Equum, was released.

Volunt Plus Erat (which translates into "wish there was more") was fermented with two strains of brettanomyces yeast "on base malt (two-row) and Cabernet Franc grape must," says Avery spokesman Joe Osborne. " We also made sure the must did not have any sulfites added so any wild yeast on the grape skins could possibly have a go at fermentation. House pediococcus and lactobacillus did the souring."

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There is an extremely limited amount of the beer available to the public, 55 cases, so bottles will only be sold Saturday from the Avery taproom beginning at 5 p.m. and will likely sell out. Bottles cost $8 each and there is a limit of six per person.

The brewery waited eight months between releases because it wanted to make sure the beer was ready and because Avery, which has been struggling to keep up with demand for its bigger production beers, needed to find the tank space, Osborne explains.

Avery's fifteenth Barrel-Aged beer, Momi Hiwa -- a rum-barrel-aged coconut porter -- will be ready soon, however, as well as a sixteenth beer later this year.

Avery likes to use Latin, Greek or other languages to name the beers in this series because they are "experimental, creative beers with a lot of mystery to them," Osborne says. "So we wanted to have mystery with the names as well."



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