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Avery plans a new brewery and restaurant on 5.6 acres in Boulder

Avery Brewing Company, which has outgrown the Boulder business park where it was founded eighteen years ago, has settled on a 5.6-acre spot in north Boulder, where it hopes to build a brand new beer compound. The location, at 4910 and 4920 Nautilus Court, would include a 30,000 square-foot brewery, a high-end restaurant and a gift shop. The plans call for a red brick building designed to look like an old-school brewery.

It would be a place where brewery owner Adam Avery could showcase every element of his beers, which have a nationwide following in addition to local loyalists, and the beer-making process in general. "It will be a a great way to showcase our beers and set us apart from other breweries," Adam Avery told Westword in August. "I wish we were already building it." Avery is currently on vacation and couldn't be reached for comment.

Avery is still in negotiations to buy the vacant land, which was listed by the Colorado Group for $1.7 million. It is located between Boulder County Day School, West Lake and several high-tech manufacturers. It is also just down the street from the much smaller Asher Brewing Company. The school has opposed the plan, saying the brewery poses a danger to its students. A public hearing on the project is slated for December 15. After that, it may take Avery several months to submit a more detailed site review plan.

Adam Avery started the brewery in 1993 with his father, Larry, at 5757 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder and has expanded enormously since then, taking up more and more space in the office park. About a year ago, he began searching for a new location where he built a custom facility from the ground up.

He has entertained offers from nearby cities that were willing to offer cheap land or tax incentives to lure the well-respected brewer. But a recent decision by Boulder's planning board allow breweries, wineries and distilleries that are located in industrial zones to serve food will make it easier for Avery to make the project work in Boulder. The city council will consider that plan on November 15 and make a decision on December 6.

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