Aviano Coffee now hiring...if not pouring

For those jonesing for java from Aviano Coffee, which had to move -- quickly -- into a new location in Cherry Creek this winter, then closed this spring for what was supposed to be a relatively quick renovation, there are hopeful signs that the spot is about to reopen. Finally. See also: - Aviano is closed for construction...for now - Aviano Coffee moves again, to another location in Cherry Creek - Aviano Coffee delivers on promise to take coffee to a whole new level

The photo above -- of the entrance to the new location at 244 Detroit Street -- was just posted on Aviano's Facebook page.

And on Saturday, an ad for new employees appeared on that same page:

For those of you who have expressed an interest in applying, or who wish to apply for a job with Aviano Coffee CCN, please email resumes to:


Aviano Coffee originally opened in 2006 in the Beauvallon, but structural problems in that building forced a move to Cherry Creek. But pending development there forced Aviano to move out in January, and it landed at 244 Detroit, a good location that needed some work. "Cherry Creek has been very good to us," owner Doug Naiman said at the time -- and let's hope that's still true when Aviano reopens. For now, calls to the coffeeshop are met with the message that the place is closed for "the duration of construction...thanks for your continued support and understanding."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.