Aviano Coffee will begin pouring this morning

Third time could be a charm for Aviano Coffee. The local shop that got its start in the Beauvallon and then moved to Cherry Creek in 2010 had to move again last month -- with two weeks' notice. Fortunately, owner Doug Naiman already had his eye on a nearby spot, where they built "a temporary style bar at the very front side of the space," he explains, while working on a bigger build-out in the back.

Now that front portion is finished and has all the proper permits, so the coffee will be on this morning at the new Aviano. See also: - Aviano Coffee could be pouring soon - Aviano Coffee delivers on promise to take coffee to a whole new level - Aviano Coffee's grand opening in Cherry Creek

Here's the word from Aviano:

We are excited to announce that we will again be serving delicious Intelligentsia Coffee starting Monday at 10am! Our final inspection went as planned today but we can't pick up our license till Monday morning! So we'll see you all Monday after the weekend off. Stay tuned for a new Zambian coffee from Intelligentsia that should also be coming in on (guess when!) Monday! Thanks to all of our great customers for all of your support.

The work in back will continue; at some point next month, Aviano will have to close again for up to two weeks to finish the project, Naiman notes. But at least then, he'll be able to give customers plenty of warning. "Cherry Creek has been good to us," he says.

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