Bacaro hires Fabio Flagiello

Bacaro Venetian Taverna

already boasts a

winning DeKuyper Mix Master bartender in Ken Kody

. And now it has a new chef: Fabio Flagiello.

Flagiello trained in Italy and France, and worked in restaurants in Los Angeles and San Francisco. During his time in L.A., he consulted with the film industry on culinary matters, including Tony Shalhoub's character in Big Night. (Of course, Shalhoub also had some inside help from his brother, a longtime Denver waiter.) Flagiello is also a triathlete and Iron Man competitor, and interested in the balance between both great- tasting and healthful meals -- which would seem to make a restaurant in Boulder, at 921 Pearl Street, a perfect spot.

Flagiello is already making changes at Bacaro, which will be unveiled this fall.

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