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Bacon in sheep's clothing!

Piece of pigs masquerading as sheep are the latest delicacy in New York. For the astounding price of just $82.99 a pound, you can sample a creature that looks like a cross between a sheep and a pig and tastes like pork, but has a shaggy coat.

The fur keeps these pigs wallowing in fatty goodness -- but since the trend has been for diners to eat less lard, the breed has almost become extinct. Now, though, thanks to the intrepid Brits, these animals have been making their way back up the food chain, and LiveScience has traced their lineage to Hungary.

Greene Grape's Provisions in Brooklyn has been selling this melt-in-your-mouth goodness for a couple of months, posting a picture of the bacon in sheep's clothing in front of the expensive ham, which customers typically order by the quarter-pound, according to this report.

The fatty treat has also made it to a couple of New York restaurants, including Bar Boulud, which sells the ham sliced super-thin and served solo, so that the full flavor comes out without being compromised by other ingredients. At Gotham Bar and Grill, though, they serve it in a baby artichoke salad with potato confit, Meyer lemon aioli and Malvarosa cheese.

But can the man on the street tell the difference between Boar's Head and ham that costs a day's pay?

I'm Hungary for more...

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