Reader: Bang Up to the Elephant! Is More Tacky Than Tiki

Reader: Bang Up to the Elephant! Is More Tacky Than Tiki
Danielle Lirette
With Bang Up to the Elephant!, restaurateur Kevin Delk (Beatrice & Woodsley, Mario's Double Daughters) has created a place that makes you feel toes-in-the-sand relaxed, even if you were cursing the lack of parking just minutes ago, says Gretchen Kurtz in her review of the restaurant.

She found the vibe so fun that she was willing to forgive a delayed cocktail order. But readers weren't as generous.

Says Tom:
 The first paragraph speaks volumes. That's not cute or laid-back shaka vibes, it's bad service.
Adds Jessie: 
It’s a fun atmosphere but honestly, when I went they had overpriced food that didn’t even taste good...
Alex chimes in: 
Bad food and bad drinks. Vibe is more tacky than tiki. Won’t go back.
Counters D.S.: 
The vegan doughnuts are good, and they give out free samples.
And then there's this from Taylor:
Cool spot! Definitely worth trying, plus it’s a unique atmosphere for Denver. Drinks were perfect for summer. At a table of fourteen, everyone loved their drinks and food.
Keep reading for more on Bang Up to the Elephant! and Delk's other restaurants.

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As Jason Sheehan's review of the now ten-year-old Beatrice & Woodsley shows, Delk has taken a very imaginative approach to all of his restaurants.

Kurtz says that you can think of Bang Up to the Elephant! (the name is a nod to a way of saying "well done" in Victorian England) as the Casa Bonita of Capitol Hill, only hipper and funnier. "Instead of cliff divers, you get fantastical decor, live music, pay-what-you-wish yoga, performance art, and seating that’s good for the big-group birthdays and gangs-all-here gatherings that add to the festive vibe." 

And while food may not be the main draw, there's something for almost anyone on the expansive menus, since the kitchen serves from the early morning to the wee hours of the next morning.

Have you been to Bang Up to the Elephant? Delk's other restaurants? What do you think of them? Post a comment or e-mail [email protected]
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