baRed welcomes the new year with crowds...and coffee

Veteran restaurateur Cliff Young and his son, Zach Young, encountered many obstacles trying to open baRed, the bar/lounge at 437 West Colfax Avenue. But they finally opened the doors last month, just in time for New Year's Eve. "With live blues and two crimson floodlights creating columns of light visible from a mile away, baRed was jammed and jamming," Cliff Young reports. "One could see people walking there from blocks away. This was the grand moment which we awaited for so long."

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On a slightly less grand note, baRed now has its espresso Marzocco machine in place (with beans from Craig Connor of Pablo's), which has allowed the venue to introduce its daytime personality -- as a coffeehouse/grab-and-go venue for all the nearby government office buildings from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. But from the happy hour that starts at 3 p.m. until closing at 2 a.m., baRed will transform into a contemporary urban bar, with specialty cocktails and food offerings including a peanut butter oreo parfait ($4 at happy hour, otherwise $6) and the "house favorite" arrincini ($5 at happy hour, $7). There's also a four-seat raw bar serving up oysters and lobster cocktail, and more elaborate menu items (baRed shares a kitchen with Cliff Young's CY Steak, around the corner next to the Diamond Cabaret) including a Flat Iron steak sandwich and wild mushroom ragu tortellini. To get a real taste of baRed, see our full baRed slide show here.

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