Based on his letter, I'm not sure this guy loved my review of Mark & Isabella

This letter, which was published in today's issue, could be the best letter Westword has ever received about a review:

Having suffered through Jason Sheehan's unconscionably vindictive review of Mark & Isabella, I will make a point to try the place, simply to protest Sheehan's (as always) self-indulgent hatchet job. Really, what have your readers done to deserve the weekly dose of douchebaggery that is Sheehan's obsessively self-referential, faux-macho, desperately attention-seeking drivel? Can Westword not snag a reviewer mature enough to separate personal tragedy from professional commentary? The dreck that flows weekly from Sheehan's pen begs the question: How can he taste the food when he never takes his mouth off his own dick?

Jon Richard, Denver Personally, I think it's the dick imagery in the last line that really sells this one.

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