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Basil Flats opens in Longmont

Noodles & Company founder Aaron Kennedy and former COO Joe Serafin have a new project: Basil Flats.

The first in what could become another string of restaurants opened at 1067 South Hover in Longmont on February 18. Basil Flats builds off the successful business model of Noodles & Company. "We learned all the operating process and how to serve high-end food in a quick manner," says Serafin, "and I think that will help tremendously."

But the inspiration for the Basil Flats fare came from Serafin's personal experience. "I had been so intrigued by Mediterranean food, and I had been grilling pizzas in my back yard on an open grill," he remembers. "I started researching flat bread and found it's the oldest bread in the world. And then I knew I had my tie-in."

A meal at Basil Flats starts with flat bread. "Our dough is pretty rustic when you think of cooking over an open flame, and it's not temperature-controlled," notes Serafin. And each piece of flat bread is not only hand-made, it's cooked to order.

This flat bread is then used to create sandwiches, pizzas and salads, topped with all kinds of fresh ingredients.The Basil Flats house salad, for example, is Haystack Mountain goat cheese, pecans, dates, grape tomatoes and sherry vinaigrette. Salads can also be ordered "pizza style," which is salad on flat bread with melted cheese. "We weren't sure which category would be the dominate category," Serafin says. "Everything is moving very well."

Basil Flats also has a wine bar with regional micro-brews, most of them from Boulder County. "It kind of exists to itself," he adds, "and it's a relaxing area with a couple of TVs where you can kind of sit by yourself and enjoy a glass of wine or some tapas."

Basil Flats is open from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday to Wednesday, and 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. To reach the restaurant, call 303-776-1777.

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Shela Burgess
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