Cafe Society

Baum's Away! A Second Helping of Cafe Society, September 29 - October 3

This week in Cafe Society, Gretchen Kurtz reviewed Glaze by Sasa, a new dessert and sushi restaurant that's the baum. And just in time for the Great American Beer Festival, Mark Antonation talked to Scott Witsoe of Wit's End Brewing about his old homebrewing days, his love of exotic ingredients and more in this week's Chef and Tell.

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Also this week, we decided to get rid of the boring pretzel necklaces that are omnipresent at GABF with these questionable alternatives. If you're on the prowl for some red sauce like Grandma used to make, we counted down the best old-school Italian restaurants in Denver. As September ended and October arrived, we rounded up the many openings and closings from the past month. And before Pizzeria Locale opens its second fast-casual spot, this one in Highland, we stopped by to see its new flour grinder.

Opening This Week: Grandma's House, 1710 South Broadway

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