Chef Pete List welcomes you to Beatrice & Woodsley.

Beatrice & Woodsley is a real trip

After dark, Beatrice & Woodsley glows. The windows, tinted gold, show a dreamlike version of the interior. The interior shows a dreamlike version of a restaurant that’s supposed to be a cabin in the aspens that is really the fancy of a guy from Atlanta imagining Colorado from afar. The split-log tables and seatbacks upholstered to look like aspen bark, the pot-bellied stoves and sinks that drop water down from the ceiling -- all of it serves as a frame, like one huge meta-setting for the most innovative and original menu in the city, for a wine list like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Beatrice & Woodsley, which I review this week, may be the most remarkable restaurant in the city. It's definitely one of the best restaurants in the city. Read all about it here tomorrow. -- Jason Sheehan


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