WaterCourse is out from under wraps.

Beef: It's what's not for dinner when Dan Landes is in the 'Dinner Impossible' kitchen

Dan Landes usually stars at WaterCourse Foods, WaterCourse Bakery and City, 'O City, his Denver ventures. But tomorrow night, he's got a starring role on the Food Network's Dinner Impossible, helping host and Iron Chef America winner Michael Simon with his toughest task yet.

The challenge? In July, Simon was at a rodeo hall in Colorado Springs, where he was told that he had eight hours to get dinner ready for "150 hungry cowboys." Only one problem: The dinner had to be 100 percent vegetarian. Fortunately, the show's producers had put Landes in the kitchen, and he showed Simon what could be done with such proteins as tempeh, tofu and seitan. "The moment of truth was when I gave him a barbecue sandwich that was entirely vegetarian," Landes says. "According to Michael Simon, it was his last challenge --and his most challenging."

Landes can't reveal exactly what he and Simon prepared for the cowboys (you'll have to tune in to the Food Network at 8 p.m. MST on October 29 to find out), but it must have been good -- because Landes is still with us. And not just with us, but enjoying another reveal: WaterCourse without the scaffolding that's surrounded the restaurant at 837 East 17th Avenue for months. -- Patricia Calhoun

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