Beer and Cheer: Shiner Holiday Cheer

There are many more holiday beers on liquor store shelves this year, especially offerings from out-of-state brewers.

Shiner Holiday Cheer was a nice surprise among them, not just because I hadn't seen this beer in Colorado before, but because of its unusual pecan and spice flavors, which fill an important void in the spectrum of holiday beers.

Malty and the color of dark roasted pecans, Holiday Cheer tastes lighter than it looks, pours with big bubbles and brings the festive feel with the sweet, caramel and pecan flavors. Although the label says it is also made with (Texas) peaches, I got more of a sweet pineapple and vanilla taste. There is also a hint of some sort of holiday spice, maybe coriander.

Score one for Texas. I'll be drinking this beer until I can't find it anymore.

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