Beer and Cheer: The Bruery's 2 Turtle Doves

The Bruery in Orange County, California, has become one of the most recognized up-and-coming craft breweries in the country in only a couple of years, in part because of its enormous, extreme and experimental beers. And 2 Turtle Doves is no exception.

Part two in The Bruery's 12 Beers of Christmas (the first was Partridge in a Pear Tree), this one is certainly going to be hard to top -- at least from an extreme-beer standpoint.

If Sierra Nevada's Celebration is a hop bomb, then this is a malt bomb, layering flavor upon flavor upon flavor, almost like a wine or port. The nose offers the tastes of an English style Winter Warmer, perhaps a bit sweeter and a bit stronger than a classic one. But the follow-through carries a sickly sweet blast.

The label says cocoa nibs and roasted pecans, but I didn't get either. Instead, I got a complex, orangey caramel that comes in only at the end. Overall, this beer was powerful (12 percent ABV) and almost difficult to drink because of its huge, syrupy flavor.

A strange bird, indeed.

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