Beer AND donuts at Watson's? Oh, why do you toy with my emotions!

A Westword informant recently reported that Watson's Liquor and Grocery, the recent Best of Denver winner right around the corner from our office, wraps your booze in a donut bag. "So the bums outside don't bother you for beer," the guy behind the counter told him. Makes sense. Unless, of course, the bums start asking, "Hey buddy, got a donut?"

I ran over to Watson's last night for a little Monday evening medicine, and they sent me packing with a paper bag that read Donut Hut Cafe. So what's the deal with the donut suberfuge?

"They sent us the wrong bags," the counter guy told me with a chuckle. "But no one bothers you outside." No one other than Littleton residents familiar with the real Donut Hut at 5816 South Lowell Boulevard, who're left wondering what the bags are doing so far north in the hands of scuzzy Westword writers.

Man, I could really use a Long John to go with this Budweiser.

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