Beer calendar for the week ahead: homebrew, Ghost Face Killah and Lips of Faith

New Belgium releases two new Lips of Faith beers this week, Abbey Grand Cru and Super Cru, which celebrates the Fort Collins brewery's twentieth anniversary. Super Cru is a double version of Fat Tire, meaning it has twice the malt and twice the hops; it has also been enhanced with Asian pear juice and a saison yeast.

But the appearance of these two beers means we have to say goodbye to Dunkelweiss and Le Terroir, the two Lips of Faith beers that have been on the shelves for the past four months. That is particularly sad considering that Le Terroir is probably one of the best sour beers made in Colorado. Wanna hold on to it for a little longer?

Bryan Simpson of New Belgium says it's still available at some liquor stores: "Some beers just sell through faster than others -- buzz, word of mouth or just what's in the bottle resonates better sometimes. The Lips series is kinda fun that way."

Wanna have even more fun? Check out what's coming up this week in the local craft beer scene:

Beer calendar for the week ahead: homebrew, Ghost Face Killah and Lips of Faith

Wednesday, May 4

If you missed the debut of Good Glory, the first brew from Crooked Stave, at Euclid Hall on Tuesday, you can head down there today and get a taste. A Belgian-inspired spring seasonal, the beer was brewed in conjunction with the Euclid Hall team and is somewhat reminiscent of a spice-infused Holiday beer.

Thursday, April 5

Vine Street Pub will celebrate its third anniversary in Denver today with a party featuring Chupacabra, an Imperial Mexican Pilsner brewed in honor of Cinco de Mayo. The party, which was rescheduled from April 20 because of bad weather, gets under way, like all Vine Street events, at 4:20 p.m. There will also be music from the By All Means Band and good on the grill. All proceeds benefit Judi's House, a local nonprofit.

But, that's not the only Chupacabra in town tonight. Rock Bottom Brewing downtown, 1001 16th Street , will tap its own Cinco de Mayo beer, El Chupacabra at 6 p.m. and serve free pints of this Mexican lager until 6:30 p.m. as part of the pub's every-two-week beer rollout.

Ghost Face Killah was made with six kinds of chile peppers, including the ghost pepper, known as the hottest pepper in the world. The Twisted Pine beer -- which now has the approval of its rapping namesake -- will be available today at the brewery taphouse in Boulder and should be available in bottles at local liquor stores as well.

And if you're looking for some other Mexican-style beers to help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, check out this list of locally made brews.

Friday, May 6

Thank god it's First Firkin Friday at Hops & Pie! And tonight the joint has a special treat: a cask of Stone Ruination (weighing in a 7.7 percent ABV and 100-plus IBUs) with some special additions. It is one of the first firkins of Stone beer to hit Colorado soil, and it will be tapped at 6 p.m. at Hops & Pie, 3920 Tennyson Street.

For its own rendition of Firkin Friday, Dry Dock brewing taps a keg of citrus-inspired Saison today. The taproom opens at 4 p.m.

Saturday, May 7

It's National Homebrew Day, and the Boulder-based American Homebrewer's Association will once again invite home brewers around the world to get out their barley, hops and yeast and brew together, apart. A worldwide toast will celebrate the Big Brew at 11 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. And if you want to find other people to brew with, check out the AHA website for Big Brew locations around Colorado.

Sunday, May 8

It looks like the frequent food truck magnet, Great Divide Brewing, 2201 Arapaho, will host a stop today at 3 p.m. for this weekend's The Great Food Truck Race, the Food Network show that follows food trucks as they travel cross country. The goal is to sell as much food as they can, however they can, all in a battle to be the last truck standing. The winner drives away with a hefty $100,000. Look for Denver standards Stick it to Me, Quiero Arepas and Biker Jim's, as well as L.A.-area truck, Cafe Con Leche, which serves Cuban Food.

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