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Reader: I Vow to Empty and Recycle Cans as Fast as Possible

Reader: I Vow to Empty and Recycle Cans as Fast as Possible
Upslope Brewing
This is Small Brewery Sunday, and the craft-beer industry is facing unprecedented opportunities...and challenges. While the pandemic has kept people closer to home (and to their local brewers), it's also created shortages, leading to changes at Ball Corporation.

This month, Ball unveiled new ordering restrictions that could have far-reaching — maybe devastating — consequences for breweries, which will have to order five times as many printed aluminum cans from the Broomfield-based company. That will affect consumers, too.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post on the aluminum-can shortage, readers pour out opinions. Says Kevin:
Sounds like someone didn't get a huge name recognition hike in advertising from their expenditure into naming stadiums.
Suggests Rachelle: 
Why don't they pool their money together and then work out the delivery? Maybe start bottling and start a recycling program where you can get a discount or something for returning the glass bottles.
Offers Gordon: 
Growlers to the rescue!
Notes John:
Cans are certainly convenient, cost less to ship, and guard against light better, yada yada yada. I still enjoy bottles and they're much easier to drink from. Besides, I try to buy as fresh as possible and nothing sticks around in my fridge too long. 
Comments Tim:
God forbid we aren't inundated with IPAs and Sours.
Says Christopher:
I might actually lose some weight.
Adds Joe: 
On Small Brewery Sunday, I vow to empty my beer cans and recycle as fast as possible.
Concludes Phillip:
Our country just needs to to recycle more and make it permanent requirement. And also make more companies use recycled product in their items. Then there wouldn't be a shortage of metal, paper, plastic.
What do you think of Ball's rules? Colorado's craft-beer industry? And where will you be drinking on Small Brewery Sunday?
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