Beer Pong at Tambien takes true grit

It's not about winning. It's about fun.

Especially when you get your ass handed to you both by Denver's monthly lifestyle magazine, 5280, and by the Tambien Beer Pong girls, who use every asset to their advantage. If Westword had won, it would have been about winning and fun. But mostly winning.

Yes, last night's epic three-way Beer Pong battle between staffers from Westword, ball dippers from 5280 and Tambien, or whoever the girls in the slinky black shirts were, was one for the books. And it taught us some lessons about life, about beer and about competition.

What were those lessons?

Well, they're a little fuzzy right now. But some of them include:

1) Women are not nearly as distracted by men's chest hair as men are by cleavage.

2) Beer Pong is really gross if you think about where that ball has been, and the fact that you are drinking beer that has absorbed every possible bit of grime and grit.

3) Beer Pong is a young person's game. Interns at both publications had more skill, more stamina and, frankly, more style than anyone over the age of thirty. In fact, I think one guy from 5280 was Tweeting at the same time as he was shaming us.

4) It's not about winning. It's about fun.

And since Tambien, 250 Steele Street, now offers Glow in the Dark Beer Pong every Thursday from 9 p.m. to midnight (last night was its debut), maybe next time, it will be more about winning. Watch your back, 5280. Pong on.

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