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Beer war brews after BrewDog creates beer bottled in a dead animal

Last week, Scottish brewery BrewDog released a beer called The End of History. It's 55 percent alcohol and it comes encased in a dead animal -- specifically, a stoat or a squirrel. Oh, and the brewery only made eleven bottles, so it's charging $764 for the stoat, $1,070 for the squirrel. A hefty price to pay for something made by freeze-distilling, when many beer geeks don't even consider the end product beer. But hey, when else are you going to drink anything straight from the lips of a dead animal?

Instead of letting it lie, Dutch brewery 't Koelschip decided to get in on the fun, releasing a beer this week, cleverly named Start the Future, with 60 percent ABV. No taxidermy with purchase, but at least a bottle only costs $46. And it's actually beer.

It's BrewDog's move; what will they think of next? A beer so strong it makes you want to rip your face off? Packaged in the hollowed out body of an endangered specie?

Hey guys, we took 190 proof grain alcohol, added a dash of Pabst Blue Ribbon, bottled it in human limbs, and we're selling it for $2,000 a bottle. Do we win? Or utterly and fantastically lose?

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