Beers and Brewhahas: Bill Ritter vs. Labor Unions and his own party

If the president can do it, so can everyone else. What Colorado needs now are more sudsy sit-downs. Here's an example (see our previous pairings here, here and here):

Dispute: Bill Ritter vs. Labor Unions and his own party Beer: Steamworks Brewing Company's Colorado Kolsch

Ouch. It's not easy fighting a war on two fronts. But Governor Bill Ritter is catching flak both from his Republican foes and angry constituents within his own party. Time to take stock, Governor, and for that, head to Durango. Named for the ninEty-year-old automotive building in which it was founded, Steamworks harkens back to an earlier era, a time when the workingman was fighting for his rights. And while few craft beer employees are unionized, some of the ones at Steamworks do work in a factory, the Bayfield Beer Factory, which is what the company named its second facility. But Ritter and his political base would do well to meet here in southwestern Colorado, stronghold of the new conservative Democrat, to drink Colorado Kolsch, a beer that has the state flag right on its label. The crisp taste of this pilsner might refresh an age-old political battle and remind the parties involved that they are all part of the Centennial State.

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