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Beers and Brewhahas: Union Station vs. government agencies, developers and civic groups

If the president can do it, so can everyone else. What Colorado needs now are more sudsy sit-downs. Here's an example (see our previous pairings here and here):

Dispute: Union Station vs. government agencies, developers and civic groups Beer: Wynkoop Brewing Company's Light Rail Ale

C'mon, folks. Union Station is a Denver treasure and it's just across the street from one of the most revered breweries in town. Can't we all get on board? It might help if the parties with an interest in the place gathered together for a couple of Light Rail Ales, a transportation-themed blond brewed at the Wynkoop. Low in alcohol content, this beer will make it easier to digest the complex issues involved while greasing the tracks at the same time. And since Light Rail, light on flavor and body, doesn't pack much of an alcoholic punch (for a microbrew, at least) it will be easier for politicians, bureaucrats, elderly gadflies, developers and community activists to stomach.

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