Beery reasons we're glad April Fool's Day only comes once per year

Craft brewers and craft beer fans have a particular fondness for April's Fool Day. Here are some of the good jokes we've seen so far.

From CraftCans.com

When [Oskar Blues's] newest offering, Twen Teny Triple Imperial Stout, hits shelves it will be far and away the strongest canned beer in the world. Currently the strongest canned beer is Camo Black Extra, a cheap malt liquor, which weighs in at a comparably low 12.2%.

From Denver Beer Co, which plans to open this summer at 1695 Platte Street:

Keeping in line with its use of innovative brewing techniques, Denver Beer Co. plans to debut a Stone-Aged beer in its line-up of seasonal brews. The beers will be aged in stone to give the brews an "old world" style flavor. By aging the beers in stone, Denver Beer Co. believes they'll be able to derive solid flavors from the rocks.

"Our Stone-Aged beer will be a full-bodied, heavy brew," head brewer Charlie Berger stated, "It will not be light in color, body, or weight." In addition to the standard water, hops, barley, and yeast, Denver Beer Co. plans to add extra heft to the beer with the stones. The idea for a Stone-Aged beer came to Berger after trying pint after pint of barrel-aged beers. "Brewers have been storing beer in barrels for ages, but what did they do before that?" Berger stated.

Partner Patrick Crawford added "We're reinventing the wheel here; I think a Stone-Aged beer will really weigh on people's minds." Denver Beer Co.'s Stone-Aged beers are expected to debut in the distant future once the significant aging process is complete. Pending the success of the Stone-Aged beer, the Denver Beer Co.'s brewers may consider launching a Bronze-Aged beer or an Iron-Aged beer.

From the Road Trips for Beer blog:

In a stunning blow to the world of craft beer, the globe's largest beer companies announced this morning that they have merged into one mega-giant spirits company and have acquired every craft brewery in the United States.

From CraftedSocialMedia.com:

Introducing the World's first mobile app that allows you to experience flavors and aroma right on your smartphone. That's right, Shock Top, a beer brand from Anheuser-Busch, has launched Virtual Sip, a smartphone application using "ground-breaking technology" that allows consumers to "taste the award-winning flavor and experience the refreshing citrus aroma of Shock Top Belgian-style wheat ale right on your smartphone!"

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