Bees Knees

Meg is a childhood friend, and some days I believe that I learned everything important from her. She has been a force in my life since we met at West Middle School. We've experienced a lot together — everything from dating and dieting to divorce and death. One of my favorite Meg stories is one that taught me that dumb guys are not worthy of attention. Meg had been at a boy's house, where he showed her his favorite book. When she asked why it was his favorite book, he explained that it was the only book he'd ever read. Immediately, that crush was history. (I believe he may have been the same boy who told us he wore "You Savage" cologne, when we knew he meant "Eau Savage.") Since Meg has taught me so much over the years, it came as no surprise when she recently introduced me to an amazing new organization called the Raymond Wentz Foundation (, which helps people struggling with the financial and emotional challenges of cancer treatments. After a fun fundraising event for the foundation, we found ourselves at the Corner Office, ready for a figurative shot in the arm — and we thought the Bees Knees ($9) sounded, well, like the bees' knees. Made with my new favorite gin, Hendrick's, lemon and orange juice and a rock candy swizzle stick, it was a little on the sweet side. So I suggested that Meg order it without the rock candy. Finally, something she could learn from me.

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Nancy Levine
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