Before you take another bite of beef steak fritter...

The USDA recently recalled almost 111,000 pounds of frozen beef steak fritter due to the risk of small pieces of plastic that may be in the food. That's all well and good and nice to know the USDA has our back, but what in the hell is a beef steak fritter?

Maybe it's a regional thing or an alias for some part of the cow most would prefer to just call a "fritter." Maybe. Yesterday, Kate Kennedy revealed some of the meat industry's dirty little secrets, so when unidentified meat products are released in massive quantities, it naturally makes a person nervous. Preliminary internet searches yield nothing to indicate what a beef steak fritter looks like, but if you're one of those people just about to dive into whatever that is, check to make sure it isn't tainted, then please use the comment section below to let us know exactly what a beef steak fritter looks like, and better still, where to find one (besides a prison cafeteria).

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