Better late than never for Chinook Tavern

A reader recently e-mailed me a good question: Whether the Chinook Tavern -- which left its longtime home at 265 Detroit Street last June, in hopes of reopening at the Landmark last fall -- was ever going to reappear.

That e-mail got me thinking, because it seems like, well, forever since the Georg family shuttered the original Chinook, which had held down its corner of Cherry Creek for more than a decade. At the time, the family promised that a new Chinook was just a few months away.

Those few months passed. Then a few more. Then a few more.

While a new Chinook is still included in all the plans for the "European Village" stretch of shops and restaurants at the heart of the Landmark project in Greenwood Village (and even has a page of its own on the Landmark marketing website), no actual restaurant has materialized.

And for me, digital jagerschnitzel just ain't the same as the real thing, so I put in a call yesterday to the Landmark offices to see what was up with the much-delayed Chinook opening. And while I didn't get any solid date (or, really, anything even approaching a solid date), I did hear that Chinook is still coming to Landmark. When? The best guess anyone was able to give was sometime between the end of this summer and the end of the year.

Just about every restaurant that's gone into Landmark -- including Lucy, which opened in Comedy Works South last fall, and Pizza Republica, which opened just last month -- has experienced delays. Still, it's got to be tough for the Georg family -- particularly since their old space at 265 Detroit is still empty.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.