Big Red F Poised to Expand Post Brewing Co. to Denver

Other than the inevitable wait for a table, there’s a lot to love at The Post Brewing Company, which I review this week. The chicken, both fried and rotisserie, is terrific. Sides and desserts are no slouch either, and beer, crafted by nationally-recognized brewer Bryan Selders, is a draw in and of itself, whether in flights or by the glass. The only hitch is the drive — no matter how you cut it, the restaurant is a hike from Denver, even on days when traffic is light.

But the Post’s owners have good news for fans outside of Lafayette. “We are trying to find areas of Denver that allow us to do affordable build-outs in existing second generation locations, have ample parking and allow for large patios,” says Big Red F founder Dave Query. So far, they’ve looked at Highland, Stapleton, Berkeley and Congress Park. And they don’t just have their sights on Denver. One day, there could be birds and brew all across the front range, and even as far afield as Grand Junction, though Query says expansion would stay in state. “[We] wanna keep it local for now and get it right,” he adds.

Additional locations would be restaurants, not breweries; the original Post would supply its award-winning brews to future locations, something it’s already doing for existing Big Red F restaurants. The name, therefore, would be slightly different: GoodBird Kitchen, not the Post. The emphasis, however, would be the same. “Gotta have a big patio,” says Query. “Live music, room for kids to have fun. Little cornhole with some bird and a beer never hurts on a warm Colorado afternoon.” Especially when you don’t have to drive far to get it.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.