Biker Jim could be a real big weiner at the DNC

Quick shout-out to Biker Jim Pittenger. who’ll be manning the hot dog cart down in Skyline Park during the inevitable clusterfuck of the DNC. Though he did put things off ‘til the last minute, even he has gotten in on the spirit of the thing and come up with a special “DNC Wag the Dog” special for his cart. He’s serving a ¼ pound lamb sausage topped with spicy raita and olive tapenade, served on a hot dog roll with a Hostess Ding Dong on the side.

The official name? “Obama Lamba Ding Dong,” says Jim. “Yeah I know, extra kitsch, but it really is a tasty dog.”

Want a little extra spice for your dog? Jim tells me that the crew from Recreate 68 is setting up (at least for one day) right next to his cart. And on Saturday and Sunday, August 23 and 24, the pro-life group A Prayer for Change will be rallying the Christian shock troops for a rally and vigil in Skyline. Which is cool because, if I’m not mistaken, Jesus loved Ding Dongs and, if nothing else, always had a thing for keeping his flock well fed. -- Jason Sheehan

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