Biker Jim takes his wieners to the asphalt of Argonaut Wine & Liquor

I got the first text late last night: "Lookin' like our new location is at Argonaut Liquor," it said. Two minutes later, another text: "Eeeyup." And, finally, "Come down to 16th and Arapahoe tomorrow and I'll make you rattlesnake or currywurst or something..." The barrage of texts and the promise of something good to eat came from Biker Jim, the wiener wizard whose gourmet sausages recently sent acerbic food mouthpiece Tony Bourdain into a tailspin, forcing the author and TV host to admit that he'd crested the "mountaintop and found enlightenment" in Jim's franks.

Since then, business has picked up at Jim's two downtown carts, the original at 16th and Arapahoe, and a second stand at 17th and California. And now Jim's about ready to add a third set of wheels to his growing dynasty. "I got an e-mail from Ron Vaughn, the owner of Argonaut, asking if I'd be interested in setting up shop in his parking lot, and I've been looking to add another cart, so it was a perfect deal," explains Jim. "He does so much business there, it's prime real estate and there's really not a whole lot to eat right by the liquor store, so I think it's going to be a great place to deal dogs," he says.

Jim will continue to sling sausages at his two downtown carts Monday through Friday until 3 p.m., while the cart at Argonaut, 700 East Colfax Avenue, will operate, at least during the first few months, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 2 p.m. until, well, whenever. "Hell, we'll stay open until 2 a.m. if there's a demand for that," says Jim. "Right now, I'm not totally sure about the schedule, but we'll be out here as much as we can, and we'll feed people as long as they're hungry." And drunk, no doubt.

He'll begin feeding mouths at the Argonaut location this Friday, January 22, at noon. "I'll have my regular menu, along with some oddball stuff," promises Jim.

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