Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs opens on St. Patrick's Day with Guinness beer brats and Belfast bangers

On Friday night, Biker Jim hosted a little party inside his new brick-and-mortar at 2148 Larimer Street, inviting a few friends and a trio of motorcycle stunt riders to christen the concrete floor with the lashings of burnt rubber, the decibel levels of which made it unofficially the loudest party on the block.

One by one, the acrobatic stunt riders zoomed their cycles into the square-shaped space, popping wheelies, showing off their stoppies and mesmerizing onlookers with their seriously crazy, super smokey burnouts, a thirty-minute theatrical performance unlike anything I've ever seen. "I knew I wanted to have a burnout party to decorate the floor, and these guys were totally badass," says Jim, who had the floors sealed on Saturday in anticipation of the opening, which is less than three weeks away.

That's right: After months and months of planning, Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs officially opens on St. Patrick's Day, easily one of the most insane celebrations of the year in downtown Denver. "Our goal is to do some soft openings starting next week and then hit the ground running on St. Patrick's Day on a limited scale," explains Jim, who's hired Frank Forbeau, a former chef who spent the last six years cooking for metal band members involved in the Vans Wrapped Tours, to run the open kitchen.

He's also brought his faithful hot dog comrade -- and super hot minion master -- Chandler Smith, along with Brian Green, the former head concierge at the downtown Westin, on board to help him run day-to-day operations. And Green, who will also double as a bartender, couldn't be happier. "When I came to work at the Westin, I started hearing about this dude grilling dogs around the corner from the hotel, and people kept talking about his reindeer and elk, so I ran out there immediately, and I've been a supporter ever since that fist bite," says Green. "I'm so fucking excited. I just got in on the ground level of something potentially huge, and I can't wait until we open."

When Jim does open on St. Paddy's Day, he'll roll out two carts and 800 Guinness beer brats and Belfast bangers to satiate the crowds, and while the kitchen itself won't be cooking, the alcohol will definitely be flowing. "We'll be pouring plenty of beer, most of them from local breweries," says Smith, adding that all of the beers will be canned or bottled. "The plan is to have twelve to fourteen beers available, one or two rotating beers, a red and white wine by the glass and a full lineup of spirits," he notes. And while most of the beers will be of the craft sort, Jim is also offering Coors. "We're two blocks away from Coors Field, so we're going to serve Coors to make all the baseball nerds happy," he jokes.

On Thursday, March 18, the kitchen will be in full swing, and Jim, who's renowned for unleashing sausages with spunk, is offering 23 different manifestations of meat, including a steak brat "Wellington." "It'll be coated in a grainy Dijon cream, rolled in mushroom dexulles, stuffed in a puff pastry and sauced with a bordelaise reduction," he reveals. And that's not all: He's also featuring a flight of hot dog sliders -- "flight" being the operative word, since each of the dogs -- duck, goose and pheasant -- were born to fly. "They're gonna be awesome," promises Jim.

So, too, are Jim's hours, especially for night crawlers. He'll be open Sunday through Tuesday till 10 p.m.; Wednesday and Thursday till midnight; and Friday and Saturday till at least 3 a.m.

For more info, go to www.bikerjimsdogs.com.

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