Biodegradable hot cup lid? Yes, please!



, a company specializing in sustainable and environmentally friendly food-service ware, has unveiled its newest product: a biodegradable cup lid!

Incredibly, it's the first of its kind in North America, now making it possible to compost your entire coffee cup. 

Steve Kurowski, marketing manager of Eco-Products, has this to say about the lid, which will be available to coffee shops this April: "The EcoLid is totally original. A 'plastic' lid made from plants, not oil, will save resources and, where possible, can be diverted from the landfill into commercial compost facilities. Just another small step in saving non-renewable resources and decreasing what has to go to the landfill. It all adds up."

Eco-Products, which recently opened its first retail store, focuses on making products from corn and sugarcane, thereby reducing our need for foreign oil.

Reduce foreign oil while enjoying fair trade BARACKTI Chai in a completely compostable cup and lid? Yeah, I'll sip to that.

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