Bitter Bar and Avery Brewing Company collaborate on a beer

The Bitter Bar may have made a name for itself from pouring championship-winning cocktails, but that doesn't mean it's not into other beverages, too. The Boulder-based cocktail bar and restaurant recently brewed up a collaboration with Avery Brewing Company, bringing a spiritous touch to the project.

"A couple of years ago, we bought a barrel of (ri)1 whiskey," bar manager Michael Cerretani explains. "I called up Avery last summer to see what we could do with the empty. They brought in a bunch of samples, and we ended up filling it with the 18th Anniversary Ale, which was a ryed saison."

That beer sat in the barrel for a couple of months before Avery made a few adjustments. "They realized they needed to sour it, and, according to Avery, they used 'house sour producing organisms,'" Cerretani explains.

Shortly thereafter, the beer was ready to go. "It kind of encompasses an entry level sour, but it will be appealing to sour beer aficionados, too," the barman says. "It's mellow, present all the way across the palate and it has a nice charcoal flavor from the barrel. It's really good -- and really fun."

We're betting it also pairs well with the Bitter Bar's food menu, which is a list of hearty small bites suited to pairing with cocktails and sour beer.

The beer's tap handle is marked by a big orange question mark, since the collaborators never came up with a label for the creation. But if you want to try it, you'd better hurry, because Cerretani says he only has about two kegs left.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.