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Bitter irony: Following a major fire, Oak at Fourteenth gets a major shout-out in Food & Wine magazine

Talk about bitter irony. A mere two days after Oak at Fourteenth, one of Boulder's best new restaurants and bars, erupted in blazes after a "false" ceiling of the restaurant caught on fire, Food & Wine magazine released its listage of the country's best new bars -- and Oak at Fourteenth, whose top-notch beverage program is commanded by cocktail king Bryan Dayton -- is among them.

Food & Wine scribe Kate Krader, who gives shout-outs to only seven bars in the entire country, including two in New York and one each in San Francisco, Chicago, Venice and Pasadena (plus Grant Achatz's "too new to review" restaurant/bar in Chicago), trumpeted American watering holes that "celebrate the handmade, the historical and the locally sourced."

And in her salute to Oak at Fourteenth, she gives the platform to Dayton, while extolling the food temple's brazenly "boozy" cocktails -- most notably Ginger's Lost Island.

We serve mocktails, low-alcohol drinks, high-alcohol drinks, eclectic wines and geeky beers. We basically want to turn people on to great imbibing options," says mixologist Bryan Dayton, an alum of Frasca Food and Wine. Among the boozier drinks at this New American bistro: the mezcal- and cardamom-laced Ginger's Lost Island--great with a dish from the wood-burning oven, like the lamb T-bone.

There's no word yet on when Oak at Fourteenth will reopen, but on the restaurant's Facebook page, where dozens of heartfelt comments have been posted, there's also a heartfelt dose of gratitude from the staff:

We really can't express enough how much we appreciate all the support we've received from our friends and local businesses. We're so fortunate to be part of such a wonderful community. We're in the process of assessing the damages and will do our best to let everyone know how things are going. You all have been a silver lining on this very tough day. Thanks.

Stay tuned to this space for updates from Laura Shunk on Oak's reopening.

In the meantime, congrats to Bryan and his crew on the much-deserved accolades.

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