Bittersweet Debuts an Afternoon Delight of a Happy Hour

"Cinq a sept" is a winking French idiom for the happiest hours in a day — the evening time just after work and before dinner, to be filled with drinks, food and conversation...and maybe even a rendezvous with your lover. Happy hour is a little bit different in this country, but the garden-to-table bistro Bittersweet is doing its best to revive the tradition, introducing a new cocktail hour that takes advantage of its (sometimes) sunny patio and Denver's warm summer evenings.

Starting this week, this magic hour and a half will be run Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 5:30 p.m., when three small plates unique to happy hour will be offered for $5 each: a country terrine with carrot salad and fresh giardiniera; a simple asparagus plate with drizzlings of olive oil, balsamic and Parmesan; and prosciutto with frisée, crème fraîche and Thai peanut. To accompany them there are special $7 cocktails, all well-calibrated to an afternoon assignation, including the Violette Femme, built on Domaine de Vaugondy wine with créme de violette, and the Afternoon Delight with Domaine di Canton ginger liqueur and Contratto aperitif. Five-buck glasses of sparkling wine will be available, along with European-inspired beers like Brewery Ommegang's Fleur De Houblon Belgian ale.

The new specials join Bittersweet's regular Third Thursdays tasting menu, along with an ever-shifting dinner menu and desserts created by pastry chef Natalia Spampinato. whenever possible, chef/owner Olav Peterson's kitchen uses fresh produce and herbs from its adjacent garden. Find more information on the restaurant's website.

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