Bliss Bar & Bistro will close its doors after Saturday

After service tomorrow,

Bliss Bar & Bistro

-- an oasis of good taste in Arvada -- will close the doors at 7501 Grandview Avenue for good.

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"I think Arvada is just really hurting," says general manager Andrea Marion, who opened the place four years ago. "We just don't have that stable customer that can keep us through the hard times."

While bars in Arvada seem to be doing all right, things were tougher for the combination restaurant/bar/coffeehouse/live music venue. "There are so many bars, and they get more business than a cafe," she says. "It breaks my heart to see it going under."

But Marion isn't giving up entirely after Bliss goes dark. "I'm going to take a little time off, and then get back into the business," she says. "It's what I love."

Just not in Arvada.

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